Digital telephone exchanges able to efficiently distribute calls from clients to agents .

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Gateway to our system, where we welcome through menus automatic speech . Interact with clients, automates and optimizes called care at lower costs. When service needs it can use the IVR ( menu options) to provide a fully automated service or to direct the call to an agent with all information collected with the IVR .

CTI (Computer Telephone Integration)

Allows interaction with PBX and IVR platform of agents, making the data captured IVR and call intelligently assigns the most qualified agent to resolve the query .

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Platform that interacts with databases of customers, records transactions and brings a track record of these. Provide reporting various levels of contacts and solution state for subsequent management .

Data Security

The data are subject to a rigorous process of storage and access control. They are located at strategic high availability servers, both data and applications. Double backup is done by automatic processes, which operate according to policies defined and are stored in warehouses security.

Recording System

Tool support for the management of Quality Control . To evaluate the quality of service delivered to the customer and to record for security talks .